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Mistakes to avoid when planning your website

wrong-way Common website design mistakes

We all want a sexy, good-looking website, but how often does that get in the way of having an effective website?

Here are some common errors that people make.
(these are suggestions based on practical experience - decide for yourself if and when they apply to your website)

Home Page
Visitors should be able to know immediately what you site is about.  Your homepage needs to clearly show:
  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Why it will help them.

Page scrollers & Carousels
Scrollers and moving images can look great, but they need to convey the right message, in a way that isn't too fast for visitors to read. 
Too much movement can also distract the reader, so don't over-do it.

Call to Action
Make sure every page has a "call to action" button i.e. something the customer must click on, like get a free quote or contact us.
Call to action buttons must make sense even without reading any text.  e.g use " Contact us" or " Get a free trial" rather than "Click here"

About us page
Customers buy from people they trust.  Put a picture of the owner or staff on the About us page to help build this trust.

Portfolio and testimonials
Nothing beats customer references from well-know companies and people. Make sure that you add reviews, testimonials and references

Products and services
Ask questions that the customer can answer with a yes or no e.g Do you need to save time?
Try to describe the benefits of your solution in terms they can relate to
Use customer references to support your case.

Drop-down menus
Don't go overboard with the menus - keep them simple.
Do many choices and the customer doesn't know which one to look at.  

Page content & information
Don't create pages simply for the sake of having pages.  
If there isn't enough information to complete more than one paragraph, you probably don't need the page.
Don't clutter the pages with too much information.
Don't include heaps of information in long paragraphs. Use breaks, pictures, bullets and blocks to make the content easy to read.

Each page should try to convey one clear message or take-away

Spelling & Grammar
Whilst this doesn't seem to matter as much these days, there is no reason to have spelling mistake or bad grammar on your website.
If you don't care about your own website, why should your customers?

Social Media
Social media is important, but don't let it be the focus of your web page.
After all, you went to the trouble of getting visitors to your website....why send them away?

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Mistakes to avoid when planning your website - Latest News - DesignBoys Mistakes to avoid when planning your website - Latest News - DesignBoys
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Friday, 21 January 2022

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