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Everyone wants to take advantage of online business potential. But with so many web companies promising you the world, how do you choose who to work with?
You want to partner with professionals, who provide real help to answer your questions.
  Monday, 20 July 2020
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What social media platforms do you support? Is it only Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
What about others like Instagram or WhatsApp business?
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1 year ago
Yes, we can set up other social media channels, such as Instagram if needed, but mobile-based platforms like these don't offer a lot of integration options.

Generally, for business, we find that FaceBook, Twitter & LinkedIn are the most widely used social media channels.
We also can connect to YouTube, Telegram, Whatsapp & others, but its on a request basis.
To make our customer's lives easy, we don't like to propose solutions that require them to login and post on multiple sites.
Our post-once, integrate many model frees up admin time and its a much simpler option..

Sales support @ DesignBoys

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