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  Tuesday, 01 September 2020
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What exactly is Whatsapp contacts?
Why do I need it?

Sales support & Administration

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1 year ago
When visitors browse your website, they are often looking for answers. Studies have shown that being able to engage with these website visitors, in real time, significantly improves the chances that they will turn into actual customers.

Source: Today, more than 41% of customers expect live chat on your website. For customers that visit your website on a mobile device, this number is as high as 50%. Therefore, if you don’t offer live chat on your website, then you’re essentially ignoring your customers. And that’s the fastest way to lose business!

We can provide tons more statistics, but they all point to the same result....instant communication improves customer satisfaction & increases sales revenues. many times have you used an online customer chat system where there is no response or its permanently offline? Its pretty annoying & certainly does nothing to improve customer satisfaction! In fact, it has the opposite effect.
And for small business, that's the challenge!

You need to be available online to respond in real time, which is normally done through an online customer support portal. Thats cool if you have a full-time call center or people sitting around in the office all day to take these calls.....but what if you don't? Visitors will simply move on....they certainly aren't going to wait around on your website all day waiting for you to answer!

Enter Whatsapp Contacts
Instead of using the traditional onsite chat with a back-end customer website portal, we prefer to simply use Whatsapp.
We place a small round whatsapp icon on every page of your website and, when a visitor clicks on the icon, it automatically opens up a whatsapp dialog with you.

No software for anyone to install, no webpages or portals needing to stay open, no additional training needed, nothing extra needed. Just simply using Whatsapp the same way as you always do.
As it's a Whatsapp message, you now also have the visitors contact details saved, so if you are too busy to respond immediately, you can easily message them back later. No more missed contacts! :)

With our Whatsapp contacts system, you can:
  • Add up to 3 different whatsapp contacts e.g Sales, Accounts, Customer service
  • Set opening and closing hours e.g after 5pm the system must use email, so you don't get whatsapp's after hours.
  • Add customer greetings, which can be be set according to the webpage that the visitor is on
  • Add pictures of the staff members, so its more friendly for visitors as they know who they are talking to.
  • No additional costs or message limits, as its using your own whatsapp accounts

Sales support & Administration

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