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There are tons of free tools out there for SEO.
Is there any way I can do SEO on my own, and does it cost anything?

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1 year ago
Can you do SEO yourself, for free?

Certainly, anyone can do basic SEO.
However, SEO can be complex & you will need to invest a LOT of personal time if you want your SEO to be effective.
You will need to do a lot of research and learn how websites, search engines and all the rest of the parts works.

The diagram below gives a good idea of all the things that need to be done to achieve good SEO
Source: SEO Hierarchy of needs

You will need to do all of this in one form or another if you want to do your own SEO.
And then again, just because you have an idea of the SEO formula, it doesn't mean that you know the full SEO recipe.
You also have to understand the interactions between different aspects of SEO and how they affect one another.
Professional SEO companies can often afford specialist tools that you may not have access to, which may give then much better information than you can get from using free tools.

Unfortunately, you also probably won't know if you have done everything right, because SEO results take time before you see tangible results.

Think of it this way.....most people can learn how to do their own car services.
You probably don't need a professional mechanic to do it. But there is probably an awful lot of stuff you will miss by not being an expert or having professional diagnostic emissions, fuel/oxygen ratios, system warning indicators & the like.
What happens if you get stuck? Who will you ask for help?
And even if everything goes well, you still have to waste an entire weekend getting parts & installing them.

Original content
Sites with original, quality content are the ones that get the highest rankings in Google Search, so if you do nothing else, at least make sure that you have good website content that visitors will be interested in reading. Google thinks thats inmportant too, thats why they introduced a new AI-driven algorithm called Rankbrain.

If someone sees you website in the search results, but doesn't click on it or does click but very quickly leaves your website, Google assumes that your content is bad and downgrades your search listing. Thats one way they are eliminating websites with little or bad content.

You have to keep updating & adding new content
Unfortunately, once your website design is done, this is not the end. You need to keep updating & adding new content if you want to continue to score high in the Google Search rankings.
Think about it....regular visitors to your website don't want to see the same content they saw last time they visited your website and neither does Google.

Listen up: SEO is a long-term practice. If you’re desperate to rank in Google’s top 10 overnight or a few months after starting your blog, you’re making a very big mistake with your website. Never hire an SEO agency that promises to give you top rankings fast. Even if they somehow succeed at pushing your site to the #1 position, without a strong foundation your rankings will slide & you’ll lose more than you gained.
Source: Neil Patel, SEO Guru

Once the basic website is set up, your next step is to add original content on a regular basis, which is why we recommend using a latest news / blogging system on your website, such as those we provide with our premium website bundle

SEO service
DesignBoys offers a technical SEO service, which will help ensure that your website content is optimally configured for SEO. However, a high Google ranking requires more than just optimising your website.
SEO goes hand-in-hand with relevant, fresh website content. To really score big, you need to invest time in your website.

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