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  Wednesday, 19 August 2020
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Are there any free SEO tools out there that i can use?

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1 year ago
Here are some free SEO tools that you can use to test your own website.

We have excluded those that require any form of signup or site verification, such as Google Analytics, Keyword planner or Search Console (which are really good, so if you are serious about SEO, think about signing up for the free Google tools too)

* replace with your actual domain name e.g.

See what Google knows about your site
Open a browser and in the address bar, type in site: yourdomainname

Check your site speed / performance
(Your site’s loading speed counts as an SEO ranking factor)
  1. GTMetrix Speed tester

Check your website code
(Bad coding can affect your page loading speed)
  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Check To See If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly
Mobile capability counts as an SEO ranking factor.
  1. Google Mobile Friendly

Make sure that ALL of your website URL's show the same website
(If not, changes you make to your site to improve SEO might not be recognized as the site you are fixing is not the same site that Google is looking at)

Check how many searches there are for your or similar keywords
(If no-one is searching for your keywords, you wont get many hits)
  1. Wordtracker
  2. Hint: it works best with a 2-word phrase e.g best websites

Check your website sitemap
(this helps tell Google how to understand your website structure)

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