About us

Everyone wants to take advantage of online business potential. But with so many design companies promising you the world, how do you choose who to work with?
You want to partner with professionals, who help you get the most from your online investment.
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Putting your ideas in motion

In our modern, high-paced world, we make decisions on who we do business with based on what we can find out about them online. Whether its looking for a new supplier, that great deal or even a new partner, we tend to “Google” them first.

Even when we meet, we still refer to your online presence to gain a sense of who you are, what you are about & especially what others say about you!
Customers will often look at your website, before they make any decisions about your product or services.

A good, professional, well-designed website creates belief in your brand, while a poorly designed one…..well that instills about as much confidence as back-yard meeting in a shady hotel room.

But building a great digital presence is not easy. Most don't have the time nor the expertise to do it themselves.
Instead, they rely on experts like DesignBoys


About DesignBoys 

DesignBoys is a respected South African brand, specializing in designing, hosting & supporting websites for smaller businesses.

DB We are a team of young, dynamic IT experts with fresh ideas & innovative thinking.

DB We offer exceptional value solutions, backed by our quality guarantee.

DB Our business philosophy is simple - Delight your customer.

DB Our work quality & professionalism speaks for itself, ask any of our customers.

DB We don't believe in complicated contracts, our word is our bond.


Whether it’s to design a new website, deploy advanced e-commerce solutions or just for good old-fashioned advice, DesignBoys are here to help.

Features of our pricing

Our convenient all-inclusive Standard & Premium bundles include everything you need to get started.

No upfront investment
Website design & setup is included in the monthly fee, so you don't have to budget for a large upfront development cost.
No long-term contracts
No long-term contract is required, so you aren't locked into any fixed contract term & you can cancel at any time.
No support costs
Minor enhancements & support is included in the monthly fee, so you never have to worry about unexpected costs.
Flexible design
Our websites utilize modular frameworks , so its easy to add new functionally as & when you need it.